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Our clinics have shifted from face to face consults to Phone consults with the current lockdown situation, please watch the video to learn more on what the current lockdown means when booking online Watch video
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M3 Health Ascot Vale is temporarily closed and being repurposed as a respiratory clinic.

All your other health care can still be accessed via our Hobsons Bay (Spotswood) practice located at 196-200 Hall Street, Spotswood 3015. If you have received a Recall message from the practice, please call our Hobsons Bay practice on (03) 9391 2855 to book. 

Our Spotswood doctors will have safe access to your electronic medical records and results will continue to be monitored and actioned. We apologise for the inconvenience and distress the sudden closure might have caused you.

Hobsons Bay (Spotswood)