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M3 Health Hobsons Bay

M3 Hobsons Bay (Spotswood) offers a range of consultations at M3 Health to suit your needs. It is a family medical centre in Spotswood, able to provide services for your entire family, both children and adults. Our team of expert Spotswood Doctors always endeavour to provide you with a comfortable environment, with stress-free, friendly and empathetic service by medical care professionals.

Medical Services provided at Spotswood medical centre:

  • Immunisations – Protect yourself against potentially life-threatening and high-risk diseases with our immunization programme.
  • Travel Clinic – Being a part of travel Clinic Australia, we can provide you with advice and immunizations when you travel abroad.
  • Skin Check – Getting a skin check in Spotswood is now easy and stress-free with our friendly team of specialist skin cancer GPs. Don’t let the fear of Melanoma or skin cancer prevent you from living your life’s adventure.
  • Corporate Health – We provide tailor-made healthcare solutions to companies on-site or at the clinic.

While we endeavour to see every patient who needs a Doctor, bookings are essential to avoid disappointment. Make an appointment with one of our Spotswood Medical Centre doctors through our online booking system.


Address: M3 Health Hobsons Bay, 196 Hall St, Spotswood VIC 3015

Tel: 03 9391 2855
Email –
Fax – 03 9399 2755

Spotswood Family Medical Centre Opening hours

Mondays to Friday0900 – 1700
Saturday & SundayClosed

If you require medical care when our clinic is closed, please call the National Home Doctor Service on 13 74 25.

In case of an emergency, please call 000.

Meet the GP team at M3 Health Hobsons Bay

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Meet the GP Registrar at M3 Health Hobsons Bay

Other languages spoken by GP’s

M3 Hobsons Bay Fees

97% of patients in our clinic pay their fees at the time of the consultation
Avoid the $27.50 late fee by paying on time.

Please note that as of 1st April 24 HotDoc charges a processing fee. This fee will be reflected on your payment statement.

GP ConsultationsNormal Fee Schedule for Expert Services*Concession Fee Schedule for Expert Services  
Consultation TypeThe Fee You PayYour MBS RebateYour Out of PocketThe Fee You PayYour MBS RebateYour Out of Pocket
Standard Consultation Typically, 10-12 minutes with the GP
Face to Face (Mask On)92.0041.2050.8071.0041.2029.80
* Telephone *10 minute maximum for phone consults*92.0041.2050.8071.0041.2029.80
* Video Video must be on the entire time92.0041.2050.8071.0041.2029.80
Long Consultation Typically, 22-25 minutes with the GP
Face to Face (Mask On) Includes Mental Health Consult 178.0079.70  98.30137.0079.7057.30
Video Consult Video must be on the entire time178.0079.7098.30137.0079.7057.30
Mental Health Care Plan223.0099.70123.30172.0099.7072.30

*Concession Fee Schedule

These reduced fees are available for Health Care Card, Pension card and Commonwealth Seniors Health Card Holders, as well as Children Aged 6-16.
Click the above links for more information on card types.
Concession Cards eligibility will be checked at each visit.

Weekend and Public Holiday Fees Sunday before 1 pmThe Fee You PayYour MBS RebateYour Out of PocketThe Fee You PayYour MBS RebateYour Out of Pocket
Standard Consultation – All Types121.0053.6567.35   
Long Consultation – All Types206.0092.00114.00   
Weekend and Public Holiday Fees
Standard Consultation – All TypesN/AN/A    
Long Consultation – All Types      

Bulk Billing

The GPs at M3 Health will continue to Bulk Bill services to Children aged 5 and under, and DVA Holders.
Cards will be checked at each visit.

Choosing the right type of consultation

A standard consultation is where you can expect to invest around 10-12 minutes with your GP. We can typically address one straightforward health issue in this time. It is important to be well organised, and if you expect to cover multiple issues declare this up front and decide the priority with your GP. Often a separate appointment will be required to address other issues. A ‘pap smear’ (CST) typically only requires standard consultation.

A long consultation is where you can expect to invest around 23-25 minutes with your GP. We can typically address one complex issue, or sometimes two or three straightforward health issues.  A long consultation is required for completing most forms, any mental health consultation and mental health care plans, a well-baby check, contraceptive counselling, pre-pregnancy counselling, fertility discussion, pre-travel counselling, and all mental health consultations require a long consult. If you are uncertain, please discuss this with our reception team.

New patients are welcome and the first consultation is typically standard consultation because this is an opportunity to get to see how the clinic, and the GP work out for your needs. More complex matters can have subsequent appointments made of longer duration.

Any procedure will have a GP consultation before, and as such we have not included procedure fees here.

Skin ClinicNormal Fee for Expert Services
Consultation TypesThe Fee You Pay  Your Medicare RebateYour Out of Pocket
Spot Check Face to Face (Mask On) Typically, 10-12 minutes with the GP Assess 3 to 5 skin lesions102.0041.2060.80
Skin Check Face to Face (Mask On) Typically, 25-27 minutes with the GP Comprehensive skin assessment198.0079.70118.30
Skin biopsies performed at the checkPlease check with Reception team.
Kindly note that a cancellation fee (half of the consultation fee) will be charged for all skin checks cancelled within 24 hours of the scheduled appointment time


**We do not bulk bill any procedures or treatment room activities**

Every procedure, other than emergencies, must have a consultation with the GP prior to the procedure (*with the exception of some biopsies in the Skin Clinic).
Your GP will discuss the procedure, obtain consent as well as the time required, and financial consent
There is a treatment room consumable fee for every procedure

Procedures will typically have an associated consultation, and this can mean the amount for a procedure can vary depending on time and complexity of the associated consultation. Discuss this with your GP prior to any procedure.

Procedure ListClinic Based FeeNormal Fee Schedule for Expert Services
Procedure TypeTreatment
*The Fee You Pay  Your MBS RebateYour Out of Pocket
Women’s Health
IUD (Mirena) Insertion 431.00157.65252.35
IUD (Mirena) Removal 122.0041.4080.60
Implanon Insertion 237.2083.40153.80
Implanon Removal 276.3098.25178.05
Implanon Insertion and Removal 363.85131.60232.25
General Procedures
Iron Infusions 258.0080.10177.90
Dressing 20.00 20.00
Monitoring Devices
24 Hour BP Monitor 92.60
24 Hour Holter (heart rate) Monitor BBBBNil

* An additional Standard or Long Consultation will be required in most cases

Late Payment Fees

A late payment fee of $27.50 relates to any consultation costs not paid within 24 hours of the service. This fee is not rebatable on the MBS. Any late payment for a consultation will incur a fee of $27.50 if the invoice remains unpaid the days after the service. Pay on time, at the time of your consultation and avoid a $27.50 late payment fee.

Facilities provided at the M3 Health Spotswood family medical centre

  • On-site parking
  • Wheelchair access
  • Specially equipped toilet
  • Quiet breastfeeding area
  • Baby changing area
  • On-site pathology
  • On-site pharmacy
  • Children’s area

M3 Health Hobsons Bay (Spotswood) Contact Details

Address: M3 Health Hobsons Bay, 196 Hall St, Spotswood VIC 3015 | Phone 03 9391 2855 | Fax 03 9399 2755