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M3 Health Hobson’s Bay

M3 Hobsons Bay offers a range of consultations at M3 Health to suit your needs. While we endeavour to see every patient who needs a Doctor, bookings are essential to avoid disappointment. Please check our website for daily opening hours and call to make an appointment. M3 Health Hobson’s Bay changed its name from Modern Medical Hobsons Bay in 2018.


Address: M3 Health Hobsons Bay, 196 Hall St, Spotswood VIC 3015

Tel: 03 9391 2855

Opening hours

Monday to Thursday0800 – 1900
Friday0830 – 1800
Saturday0900 – 1700

Meet the GP team at M3 Health Hobsons Bay

Bulk Billing

Bulk billing is available for the following:

  • All Telehealth Consultations
  • Children 15 and under
  • Health Care Card
  • Pension
  • DVA Card Holders
  • Childhood immunisations
  • Where the family member is privately billed, subsequent family members seen at the same time by the same GP, will be bulk billed.
  • Care plans (Mental Health, 45-49 Health Assessments, GP Care plans)

Schedule of Fees at M3 Hobsons Bay

All consultations are firstly telehealth consultations. Please note all Telehealth consultations are bulk billed for now. 

Type of consultationFeeOut of Pocket Fee
Phone consult (Standard)Bulk Billed N/A
Phone consult (Long)Bulk BilledN/A
Phone consult (New Patient)Bulk BilledN/A
Phone consult (Mental health care plan)Bulk BilledN/A
Phone consult (Care Plan)Bulk BilledN/A

In person consultations available where needed and deemed safe and appropriate for you in consultation with your GP. These consultations attract a private fee if you are over the age of 15 and are not on a health care or pension card. For more information on our fees please click here.

Face to Face Consultations
Type of consultation FeeRebateOut of pocket Fee
Face to Face 10 minutes$72.50$38.75$33.75
Face to Face 20 minutes$111.50$75.05$36.45
Face to Face New Patient 10 minutes$72.50$38.75$33.75
Face to Face New Patient 20 minutes$111.50$75.05$36.45
IUD Mirena insertion$272.50$94.35$178.15
Implanon removal and replacement$182.50$99.30$83.20
Implanon insertion$142.50$65.70$76.80
Antenatal check$72.50$41.35$31.15
Postnatal check$72.50$38.75$33.75
Cervical screening Test$72.50$38.75$33.75
6 week well baby checkBulk Billed$38.75N/A
Childhood immunisationsBulk Billed$38.75N/A
Mole Mapping$299$75.05$223.95
Skin Check$150$75.05$74.95
Skin Check Pensioner$125$75.05$49.95
Spot Check$80$38.75$41.25
Skin Check Review$80$38.75$41.25
Iron infusion$191.50$75.05$116.45
Skin Excision – Low complexity$123.00$38.75$84.25
Skin Excision – Medium complexity$208.05$38.75$169.30
Skin Excision – High complexity$338.05$38.75$299.30
24 hour blood pressure monitoring$28N/A$28
24 hour holter monitoringNo FeeN/ANo Fee