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If you are looking for a reliable form of birth control, that you don’t have to remember to take each day, won’t interfere with your sex life, and won’t have long-term effects on your fertility levels then a contraceptive implant might be for you. Contraceptive implant is easily fitted in your GP clinic and is immediately reversible on removal.

What is the Contraceptive implant?

Contraceptive implant NXT is a contraceptive implant device inserted under the skin of the arm using local anaesthetic to numb the area. The device is pre-loaded in a disposable applicator for easy insertion. The device releases a small amount of the hormone etonogestrel continuously into the bloodstream. The contraceptive effect lasts for up to 3 years.

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How does the Contraceptive implant work?

  • It prevents the release of an egg from the ovaries
  • It causes changes to the cervical mucous that makes it difficult for sperm to enter the womb

What are the common side effects from Contraceptive implant?

The most common side effect of Contraceptive implant is a change in your menstrual bleeding pattern, it may become irregular, absent, infrequent, frequent and in rare cases heavier.

What is the Contraceptive implant insertion process?

The insertion process is simple and usually takes 15 minutes or less. We use local anesthetic similar to what the dentist uses to numb the area and after that you feel nothing of the procedure. The Contraceptive implant comes preloaded in a device, and it is inserted into your non dominant arm.

When during my cycle should I have an Contraceptive implant inserted?

Contraceptive implant is usually inserted in the first three days of your cycle, although it can be put in at any time in your cycle so long as we’re sure that you’re not pregnant.

What do I need to do on the day of insertion?

We always like to do a pregnancy test on the day of insertion to ensure that you’re not pregnant and when we insert the device. Pregnancy tests can be provided by the M3 Clinic on the day.

What is the aftercare following contraceptive implant insertion?

After the device has been inserted the small insertion point is closed with a steri-strip and waterproof dressing. There are no stitches required when you have an Contraceptive implant.

The wound normally heals within two days and you may get some bruising, which is to be expected but we also use some bandaging just to help with that process

You will receive aftercare instructions and a device card with the date of insertion – but don’t worry, we understand forgetfulness might be a problem for you, so we also send you a reminder in 3 years when the device is due to be changed.

How easy is it to remove the Contraceptive implant?

Removal is very similar to insertion – we use a local anesthetic just like the dentist uses to numb the area. A small incision is made over the insertion area and the Contraceptive implant is removed. Again, we don’t need any stitches at this time we just use steri-strips in a simple waterproof dressing and the wound normally heals within two days

How often does Contraceptive implant need to be replaced?

Contraceptive implant needs to be replaced every 3 years. You can, however, remove the Contraceptive implant any time after insertion.

What are the side effects of Contraceptive implant?

Approximately 20% of patients will stop having a period whilst the Contraceptive implant is in the arm. This is not harmful for your body. The commonest side effects that are seen after insertion of the Contraceptive implant, according to the National Prescribing Service (NPS) are:

  • acne
  • headache
  • breast tenderness and pain
  • weight gain
  • irregular bleeding
  • emotional lability or mood swings
  • libido decreased

A lot of women will describe problems with irregular bleeding initially after Contraceptive implant insertion and that can be for up to six months. This can be in the form of spotting a longer than normal period and will normally settle by six months. It is possible to use the pill on top of the Contraceptive implant to help manage your bleeding issues. This can be done safely and it often works very well.

What is the cost of Contraceptive implant insertion at M3 Melbourne? Is it bulk billed?

The cost of fitting the Contraceptive implant at M3 Clinics in Melbourne is in keeping with our usual fee structure at the clinics. Bulk billing is available for eligible patients but the cost of the Contraceptive implant device from the pharmacy can vary.

Is Contraceptive implant removal bulk billed at M3 Melbourne?

Removing the Contraceptive implant is, again, in keeping with our usual fee structure at M3 Health. Click here to see the fees at each M3 Health Clinic.

Does Contraceptive implant cause weight gain?

Studies have shown a 1.5% increase in body weight after insertion of Contraceptive implant but interestingly this is the same weight gain for patients having the IUD which is fitted into the womb.

Weight gain after Contraceptive implant is therefore only partially due to the Contraceptive implant device itself.

Which M3 Clinics offer Contraceptive implant services?

Contraceptive implant fitting and removal is available at:

Which GPs at M3 Health offer Contraceptive implant fitting and removal?

GPs that offer Contraceptive implant at M3 Health are:

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