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If you need to organise a 24 hour holter monitor then book an appointment with M3 Health Clinics in Melbourne.

What is 24 hour holter monitoring?

24 hour holter monitoring, also referred to as 24 hour ambulatory ECG recording, is a continuous tracing of your hearts electrical activity over 24 hours. It gives your doctor or cardiologist in depth information about your hearts electrical activity during rest, activity and your normal daily life. It can aid in decision making and diagnosis.

How much does 24 hour holter monitoring cost?

Holter monitoring is free of charge. You may, however, need to pay a consultation fee to see the GP for your initial appointment and to discuss results. Click here to read about fees at M3 Health

Do I need to do anything to prepare for this appointment?

It is best to shower beforehand, as you will not be able to get the device wet once it is applied. Do not apply any moisturiser to your skin after your shower as this can make the electrode stickers difficult to adhere to your skin. It is best to wear loose, comfortable clothing when you have the device fitted. The whole idea of the device is that your doctor has an idea of your hearts electrical activity during a normal day, so it is important to go to work and the gym or complete your day as you normally would.

How long do the results take to come back?

The results for 24 hour holter monitoring typically take 2 -3 days to come back. This is because we upload the digital file of your tracing to a specialist cardiologist who reviews all of the tracing, including your patient record log, and complies a comprehensive report back to your doctor.

How do I book 24 hour holter monitoring?

24 hour holter monitoring is available at the following M3 clinics:

Please book an appointment with a GP at M3 Health who can request the Holter monitor for you.