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What is wound care?

Excellent wound care requires an understanding of how the skin heals. It is a continuously evolving field of medicine that requires regular updates to ensure best practice management.

Which are the most common wounds needing care?

Common reason for wound care include surgery, infection, immobility and chronic disease.  Wounds that are high risk for infection include burns and bites from animals and humans.

Common signs of an infected wound are; localised redness, pain, swelling and you may develop a temperature. Infected wounds require medical attention to prevent adverse outcomes.

Other reasons to seek medical attention for a wound include; the location of the wound (if it is near your eye), you have diabetes, or the wound has not healed after a week.

Which M3 Clinics offer wound care?

How much is a wound care appointment at M3 Clinics?

Wound care appointments are bulk billed for eligible card holders, otherwise a private fee will apply. Most wounds require a standard appointment and you can see the private fees for each centre here.

At your initial consultation our clinical team will conduct an assessment of the wound, and investigate underlying causes (if not already known) and then work with you to develop a tailored wound care plan. 

Some wounds benefit from more regular dressings, these are typically surgical wounds and other chronic wounds such as vascular leg ulcers, benefit from a longer time between dressings. We have a variety of specialised wound dressings onsite to ensure we can cater to whatever kind of wound you have.

How much do dressings cost?

Dressing costs vary depending on the complexity of the wound, your nurse will advise you of their recommendations on the day.