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75+ Health Assessments

Which clinics offer 75+ Health Assessments?

75+ Health assessments are available at:

What are health assessments?

A health assessment has a few different components:

  • Information gathering; including past history, current and past medications, social supports, dietary intake, exercise requirements, hobbies, goals, and if appropriate pathology collection and diagnostic tools such as ECG and spirometery
  • A general assessment of current health and possible future risk factors based on this information
  • Initiation of referrals if necessary
  • Providing health coaching, information and advice
  • Documentation of the health assessment in your medical record, which you can access through your My Health Record, or we can provide you with a printed copy on the day

Why are health assessments important?

The 75+ health assessment is an important annual assessment. It is designed to identify and potentially prevent health issues, thereby improving quality of life. The purpose of this health assessment is to support the person to reach their health care goals, both long and short term. For example, a person might have a goal to remain independent in their own home as long as possible. In this instance we would explore what achieving that goal might look like and what (if any) interventions would need to be put in place in achieve this.

What assistance can I get from a health assessment?

As our healthcare system becomes increasingly fractured, it is becoming very difficult to navigate. Here are some examples of what we can assist with;

  • Registering and signing up to the “My Aged Care” portal
  • Registering for a “My health record”
  • Navigation of the healthcare system, including community, hospital and aged care systems
  • Initiation of referrals for home help and support
  • Explanation of Advanced Care Directives process and provision of paperwork for such