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Flu vaccine at M3 Health

You will have heard that Australia has both the COVID vaccine (in limited numbers) and the Flu vaccine (in larger numbers) available at the same time. This is important for protecting ourselves in 2021.If you prefer to watch the video please click here.

The flu vaccine is not new and if you would like to read more on this year’s vaccine please check the information here. Flu Vaccines are a single dose unless it is the first time in a child under 9 years of age (in which case two doses 4 weeks apart is recommended in the first year)Our aim is to vaccinate as many patients as possible in the shortest possible time. We will only be able to vaccinate you when you are certain you are ready to have the Flu vaccine. Only book when you are ready to have the vaccine. If you are unsure or you have questions about the vaccine, please discuss this with your usual GPThe Federal Government provides Flu Vaccines at no cost to those who:

➢  Are aged between 6 months and 5 years, or 65 and older
➢  All Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people
➢  Pregnant women (at any stage)
➢  Heart conditions
➢  Chest or Lung conditions
➢  Neurological symptoms
➢  Diabetes type 1 and 2
➢  Kidney disease
➢  Long term aspirin treatment in children 6 months to 10 years of age

Here is some more detail on these groups. Based on the stock we have, you can either book or reserve the vaccine here. When you receive that invitation, please book quickly as vaccine stocks will be limited.

We ask that you please do NOT call the centre.
Chat to us here or book an appointment here to discuss this with your usual GP.Right now, you can prepare by downloading our booking app so you are ready to book as soon as you receive the invitation. To download for Apple devices, click here
To download for Android devices, click here