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Dr Sarah Le

GP Registrars at M3 Health Hobsons Bay (Spotswood)

M3 Health has a primary commitment to the community. In our case, we serve two communities. First and most obvious is the community we serve through our General Practices, not just our patients but more broadly ALL of the people in those catchment areas. That is the only reason we exist.

The second community we serve is that of General Practitioners because our role is to match the community need and diversity to the GP team.

Bridging both of these priorities are GP Registrars.

To become a doctor and graduate with an MBBS, typically takes 8 years. Half in ‘Pre-med’ and half in Medicine.

To become a Vocationally Registered GP (FRACGP) takes a further 3 years in training. One year of this is in the hospital system and the other two are in General Practice. We proudly supervise GP Registrars at all clinics and they are listed below here. Medicare MBS rebates from GP Registrars are the same as other GPs and these doctors rotate every 6 months so it is normal for a Registrar to leave, to attend their next rotation. GP Registrars are salaried by M3 and always have a nominated supervisor.

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