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Kids aged 5-11 Pfizer Vaccine now available!

The Government has formally issued guidance that children aged 5 to 11 can now receive COVID vaccinations as recommended by ATAGI and approved by the TGA.

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Two doses are recommended 8 weeks apart (though this interval could be shortened depending on COVID cases in the community – rely on Federal Government guidance here
Click here for the ATAGI advice as to the guidance and safety data –

The dose of Pfizer is one third of the dose given to adults and children aged 12 and above. On the day of your vaccination, we will only be administering the vaccine, there will be no time to discuss any other matters or discuss the vaccination itself.

Once you are 100% certain you want to proceed and give your consent to proceed with Pfizer vaccination for your child, book online. All appointments for COVID vaccination are bulk billed in order to promote this important health intervention. If appointments are unavailable that means we are out of stock. Please book online when available.

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Please make sure all children are accompanied by their guardian and they MUST have a valid Medicare card to receive a vaccine in our clinic
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