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Sarah Boorman operations manager at M3 Health

Sarah Boorman | Operations Manager | M3 Health

Sarah Boorman, Operations Manager M3 Health

Sarah Boorman is the Operations Manager for M3 Health, a group of medical centers in metropolitan Melbourne. Sarah has fifteen years experience in healthcare, she began her career as a registered nurse where she developed a passion for inspiring human behavior and cultivating transformative change. The journey began with patients and through leadership opportunities advanced into leading change initiatives with healthcare teams. 

Sarah has worked across public, private, and corporate healthcare settings both in Australia and overseas and believes that primary care provides the most enriching opportunities; The ability to solve problems close to the source and have meaningful impact with individuals and whole communities. Sarah is known for her love of solving complex problems and loves a good process! Outside of work Sarah lives in regional Victoria and loves getting out into the great outdoors with her young family.