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Video Telehealth Consultations

What is Video Telehealth?

Video telehealth is a safe and convenient way to access your regular healthcare provider from your own home. You can see your doctor or nurse via a secure video and audio link and have a consultation to address your current healthcare needs.

How do I prepare for a video telehealth appointment?

  • A computer, tablet or smartphone charged to at least 50% and with a video camera and microphone
  • A web browser such as Safari, Chrome or FireFox installed and updated to the latest version
  • A stable internet connection
  • A quiet and private room to complete the call from
  • Somewhere to write down notes from your doctor or nurse during the call

 How do I attend my video telehealth appointment?

  • 10 minutes before your appointment click on the link from the appointments tab of your HotDoc account, in the SMS sent to you.
  • Your browser will request access to your camera and microphone so your doctor can see and hear you, so make sure you allow access. Check your browser settings and unblock video and audio if you can’t see the video of yourself.
  • If you are unsure about how to do this please click on the relevant browser for instructions:
  • Wait for your doctor to join the video call. Please note your doctor may be running late and may join you later than the start time. Only contact the clinic if you can no longer complete the Telehealth video appointment.
  • Your telehealth appointment will be able to assist with most queries. There may be circumstances where your practitioner will need to refer you to attend a clinic in person. If this happens, you will be advised during your appointment about the next steps.

Can I get scripts, referrals and certificates in a video telehealth appointment?

Yes, we can address most healthcare issues in a video telehealth appointment including:

  • Scripts
  • Pathology and Imaging requests
  • Medical certificates
  • Specialist referrals

How much do video telehealth appointments cost?

Please see our fee page here

Who is eligible for video telehealth?

In most cases a patient can access a medicare rebate for video telehealth services if they have seen any health professional at the medical centre for a face to face appointment in the past year.

The only exception to this rule is if the medical centre is located in a location that is in lockdown due to COVID-19 transmission. In this circumstance anybody with a valid medicare card can access video telehealth services.

What are the benefits of video telehealth?

There are a number of benefits to using video telehealth services. The service is more interactive than a phone call. Doctors and nurses can share their screen with you so you can follow along in interactive sessions.

The visual link allows some capacity for physical assessment to take place, although please be aware that this depends on the quality of the internet connection and camera used.

You don’t have to leave home, find a car park, and then wait in the medical centre. Telehealth allows you to get on with your day and access healthcare at a time and in an environment that suits you best.

Telehealth is a great way to stay connected with your healthcare team. Regular healthcare should not be delayed or neglected due to COVID.

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