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COVID-19 Vaccination Approved ! What’s next?

You will have seen news that the COVID Vaccination has now been approved for use in Australia and you will be wondering what next.If you prefer video, please watch this –

The vaccine(s) approved for use in Australia are Oxford/AstraZeneca & Pfizer/BioNTech. You can read more about them here –

Our aim is to vaccinate as many patients as possible in the shortest possible time. We will only be able to vaccinate you when you are certain you want to have it. Only book when you are ready to have the vaccine. If you are unsure or you have questions about the vaccine, please click here –

Based on order of priority, we will send out SMS invitations to book. When you receive that invitation, please book quickly as vaccine stocks will be limited. Right now, you can prepare by downloading our booking app so you are ready to book as soon as you receive the invitation.

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Chat to us here –

To speed up your booking experience download our booking app.
We ask that you please do NOT call the centre.To keep upto date and make sure you receive the vaccine as soon as possible, you can Like & follow our FB Page and Youtube Channel –