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COVID-19 Vaccination Update

M3 Health wants to ensure you have the latest news and updates about COVID Vaccination. If you prefer video, please watch this:

The Pzizer vaccine was approved earlier this week and the indications are that approval will follow soon for the AstraZeneca vaccine. Once the vaccines have been approved, they will start to become available in late February or early March. Australia is in the fortunate position of low COVID case numbers so we have taken aslower and deeper approach to approving vaccines.

Once they are approved, we will be ready to offer vaccinations quickly in order of priority defined by the Government. We have planned two models of giving the vaccines, and these are designed to vaccinate as many of our patients as possible inthe shortest time. You will need 2 vaccines to be fully protected.

To keep upto date and make sure you receive the vaccine as soon as possible, you can follow our FB PAGE and YOU TUBE CHANNEL. Please also share this message with anyone you know who might benefit from the information.