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What is Shared Care in Pregnancy?

Antenatal shared care is an opportunity to have your pregnancy looked after by your GP. It allows you to have continuity of care throughout your pregnancy, and to be looked after by your GP who will often know you before you conceive and will also look after both you and your baby after it’s born.

Who is suitable for shared pregnancy care?

It is suitable for any woman who has what was considered to be a low risk pregnancy. So long as you do have any health risks that would want to be monitored by the hospital.

Who is NOT suitable for shared pregnancy care?

Pregnancies that are deemed to be higher risk by the hospital are not suitable for shared care – these pregnancies are managed by the hospital team.

What appointments does shared care involve?

Often the GP at M3 Health will see you after you have found out you are pregnant. The GP then organizes for her initial blood tests and any scans that are required in early pregnancy. A referral will be then put into your hospital of choice and, about 15 weeks pregnancy, you’ll have a midwife or obstetrician appointment.

At that appointment, it’s decided whether or not you are appropriate for shared care. If you are suitable for shared care you will be seen by your GP from 20 weeks, every four weeks initially, and then after 30 weeks, every fortnight.

Which M3 Clinics offer shared pregnancy care?

Shared Pregnancy care is available at:

Which GPs are available for shared pregnancy care?

Shared pregnancy care is available with the following GPs at M3 Health:

How much does shared care cost at M3 Melbourne?

Click here to see the fees at M3 Health Clinics. Bulk billing is available for certain criteria.