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Telehealth consultations are offered for your convenience. This is a safe and easy way to access your GP. You can book a telehealth consultation at M3 Health Hobsons Bay (Spotswood), M3 Health Bayswater, and M3 Health Ascot Vale.

Telehealth is healthcare delivered over the phone or via video devices when the patient and healthcare practitioner are separated by distance. It was introduced by the Australian Federal Government in March 2020 in order to offer people safe access to health care during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Telehealth is a safe and effective way to access health care. As Victoria and Melbourne make plans to return to ‘COVID normal’ it makes sense that you should be able to have continued access to health care, from the convenience of wherever you are.

There are 3 options you can use to book an appointment with us:

For more details on our fees for each clinic please follow the links:

Once you have booked a telehealth appointment, then you can expect a call from your doctor at your appointment time. The actual consultation is a modified version of what you would have experienced in a traditional face to face consultation. The doctor will enquire as to the purpose of your consultation, or if the doctor has called you, then they will ask your permission to undertake a consultation. You might find the doctor will ask you more questions to describe symptoms in the absence of a physical examination. If the doctor and yourself decide that you require a face to face consultation then this will be arranged during the telehealth consult.

Yes you are able to get new or repeat scripts via a telehealth consultation. An electronic prescription is the sent to your pharmacy where you can pick it up.

Yes, your doctor can issue you a medical certificate in a telehealth consultation. Your doctor can email you this certificate during the consult.

Yes, your doctor can issue referrals, (including pathology, radiology and specialist referrals) during telehealth consultations. These referrals can either be emailed directly to you or emailed directly to the practitioner.