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45-49 Health Assessments

Which M3 Clinics offer 45-49 Health Assessments?

45 – 49 Health Assessments are available at the following M3 Health Clinics:

What are health assessments?

A health assessment has a few different components:

  • Information gathering; including past history, current and past medications, social supports, dietary intake, exercise requirements, hobbies, goals, and if appropriate pathology collection and diagnostic tools such as ECG and spirometery
  • A general assessment of current health and possible future risk factors based on this information
  • Initiation of referrals if necessary
  • Providing health coaching, information and advice
  • Documentation of the health assessment in your medical record, which you can access through your My Health Record, or we can provide you with a printed copy on the day

Why are health assessments important?

This particular health assessment is an important preventative health activity. Many people in this age bracket live busy lives, often balancing career and family commitments, and visit the doctor only for acute illnesses. This is a chance to prevent chronic disease in your future by intervening now. It is a chance to assess your health goals and how these fit into your current lifestyle. This is important information for both yourself and your doctor. For example, if reducing the number of medications you take is important to you, then your doctor must be aware of this so you can work together how to achieve this.

How much do health assessments cost?

Care Plans and 45-49 Health Assessments at M3 Health are bulk billed.

How do I book a health assesment?

If you are interested in having a health assessment, please book a telehealth consultation with your doctor to discuss. The health assessment cannot currently be completed via telehealth, however your doctor can gather the required information and then book you in for a face to face consultation (if safe and appropriate) to complete the physical examination.