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Cervical Screening / PAP Smears | M3 Health Melbourne

Which M3 clinics offer Cervical Screening Tests?

Cervical screening tests are available at all M3 Clinics:

How much is cervical screening?

Click here to see the fees at each M3 Health Clinic. Bulk billing is available for eligible patients

Why is cervical screening so important?

Cervical cancer is one of the most preventable forms of cancer, and routine screening is your best protection. All women aged 25 -74 should get routine testing. 

What is the difference between a cervical screening test (CST) and a PAP smear?

In December 2017 the Cervical Smear Test (CST) replaced the Pap Smear test in Australia. The Cervical Smear Test is more accurate than the old pap smear test and in better news – you need it less often! Pap smear testing was recommended every 2 years, whereas a normal CST result only requires repeating after 5 years.
The Cervical Smear tests for Human Papillomavirus (HPV) whereas the pap smear could only detect cell changes in the cervix.

When should I have a Cervical Screening Test?

All women between the ages of 25-74 should have routine 5 yearly CSTs. If you are not sure if you are due for a CST then please book a telehealth consult with your doctor to discuss. You may require routine screening more often and your doctor will advise if this applies to you. If at any time you develop symptoms such as; unusual vaginal bleeding, discharge or pain during sex, you should contact your doctor immediately to discuss.   

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